Michael Kline: You are Enough: Remembering Your Natural State

You are Enough: Remembering Your Natural State


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Michael Kline

We all work to get to be good enough – whether we’re talking about our craft, our relationships, our abundance, or being loved and accepted by our parents. You can’t get good enough, to feel good enough, until you know you always were. And since you were born enough, you don’t actually build your enoughness, you simply remember it.

This deeply experiential and emotionally brave workshop will dive deep through the layers of emotional memories that cover up our enoughness. All this is stored in our emotional memory, not our logical thinking mind. So, we’ll explore how we hide all the shit we’re afraid will make us unlovable, and dip beneath the logical thinking mind to dissolve the root cause of these feelings.

Trigger warning – this can be very emotional, so know that you are always in charge of your experience and to go as far as you wish.

This is a verbal process using imagination and body awareness. No touching or physical activity involved.

Mike Kline


Michael is the "Enoughness Guy" - The 11th of 12 children born into poverty with an abusive, substance use disorder father. Following his mother’s death at 7, he was raised as a midwestern catholic, by emotionally abusive relatives.

He found success in a corporate career, then as a six-time successful entrepreneur. Mike is a retreat center owner, Barrett Values Consultant, Jack Canfield Trainer, and Trainer at The RIM Institute (Regenerating Images in Memory).

Michael recently became a TEDx speaker and co-author of Your Kaleidoscope Mind: Getting More Done by Letting More Go. His passion is helping coaches create transformational outcomes.